Our people counter is engineered with reliability and efficiency prioritised in every function of the device. Every aspect is designed with attention to detail, to ensure that our counters provide the most accurate, most reliable, and most cost effective solution that the market has to offer.




As the manufacturer, we ensure that only top-grade materials are used in order to offer you a high quality and long-lasting system.

People Counting for Different Industries

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Collect customer flow and heat map data in real-time with on-the-cusp precision sensors. Gain detailed insights with featured funnel analysis and allocate resources accordingly to raise levels of operational support along each customer's journey, reducing costs while improving marketing efficiency and in-store experiences without intruding on anyone's privacy.


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Intuitive & Insightful Analytics

By integrating accurate customer flow data and cash register system, we created the revolutionary funnel analysis which allows you to get a panoramic view of all your stores status via app or web, pinpoint current operation flaws and make improvements on time.

Keep malls at the heart of communities by understanding how shoppers behave to improve mall layout, operations and shopper engagement.


With the power of 3D video and machine learning, SenSource people counters measure footfall, track and count individuals entering, exiting and dwelling with precision.


Using PoE, a single cable provides power and network connectivity. Data is processed on the sensor itself, no additional servers are needed, making real-time data available for immediate action.

Make the most of your people counting solution with cloud-based reporting and analytics platform. Visualize facility usage and performance in a new way. Gain insight into the future and make strategic decisions.